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Sabine Hillen has a Ph-D in French modern literature. She is recently working at the university of Brussels (VUB) and Antwerp (UA) where she is teaching adaptation theory, Literature and social theory and critical approaches to word and image.

She is the author of several essays on French modern and contemporary literature: "Le roman monologue. Montherlant, auteur, narrateur, acteur" (Minard, Archives des lettres modernes, 2001) and "Ecarts de la modernité. Le roman français de Sartre à Houellebecq" (Minard, Archives des lettres modernes, 2007). In 2009 she published at the Jan Van Eyckacademy, with the graphic design of Eva Moulaert and Marie Sledsens, a scenario called "The last book" and at the University of Antwerp a study on literature, social theory and visual media, "Kort en lang boekenplankleven" (Acco, 2008). Her recent publications concentrate on the visual work of Gus Van Sant.

A complete bibliography can be found here.

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