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Benjamin Verhoeven researches Richard Wagner productions in Flanders in the context of ‘Regietheater’ for the research project 'Wagner Revisited. Operaregie in Vlaamse Wagnerproducties'. The visionary and vainglorious composer Wagner has had a remarkable influence on the arts that goes far beyond music or opera as a genre. Up to this day his legacy still has vehement supporters as well as strong opponents. From the very beginning, in a genre predominantly ruled by the grand-opera style, his work has triggered polemics concerning staging in opera. Wagner is the example par excellence to look into progressive and conservative tendencies in opera dramaturgy. In his wake generations of directors have tried to grasp the elusive qualities that make the Wagner-repertory so alluring. Verhoeven will therefore delve into the archives of the Flemish opera houses that sat untouched up until now.

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