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THE BORROWED GAZE. Research of the Use of Displacement in Time and Space of the Photographical Image of the Past in the Paintings of Karin Hanssen

Research project

Fellow: Hanssen Karin

Supervisor: Vanhoutte Kurt

Duration: 01/01/2010 - 31/12/2011

The purpose of the research is to see how the flashback operates in figurative contemporary painting and to define its meaning, form and use from a practical and a theoretical point of view.
This research of the flashback will take the work of Karin Hanssen (new and existing) as a point of departure. This will undergo a comparative study with the work of other contemporary artists.
The kind of image that is used as source material and selected for this research is the public conventional photographic image from the recent past (ca. 1950-ca.1980).

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