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Thomas Crombez - Arm theater in een gouden tijd. Ritueel en avant-garde na de Tweede Wereldoorlog

LannooCampus, Leuven: 2014

EAN 9789401417112


Arm theater in een gouden tijd (Poor Theatre in a Golden Age) lays out our hidden theatrical avant-gardes. They are the Belgian dramatists, theatre artists and critics who have had an enormous influence on the arts – including cultural policy. The present decrees that manage the financial support of theatre and dance in Flanders have been shaped by their impetus for innovation.


Avant-gardism has become part of the marrow of the performing arts. Yet often our avant-garde artists escape the gaze of historical overviews or textbooks. Think of Hugo Claus who incorporated Antonin Artaud into his poetry and theatre. Or Franz Marijnen and Tone Brulin, who introduced the Polish innovator Jerzy Grotowski.


Hidden, then, but not absent. Let alone irrelevant. The discourse that is used today to discuss the arts – in reviews, public debates, and reflections – is colored by avant-gardism. This book shows in what particular ways our own, post-war voices have determined today’s discourse of the performing arts.

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