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Thomas Crombez (edit.), Etherisch Strijkersensemble Parisiana | LannooCampus, Leuven, 2014

Edited by Thomas Crombez, Etherisch Strijkersensemble Parisiana LannooCampus, Leuven, 2014 | 

In 2010, Eric De Volder died unexpectedly. His theatrical oeuvre continues to inspire. Thirty-five years earlier, the Etherisch Strijkersensemble Parisiana was the precursor of all the wonderful performances that he would later create. This book is a casestudy in oral history. Using a wealth of anecdotes, photographs and archival documents, the authors examine the artistic genealogy of Parisiana. It carries the reader into the rich artistic scene of Ghent during the 1970s. Parisiana was not only a gentle string ensemble, but also an absurdist action art group, featuring photographer Michiel Hendryckx, artist and theatre director Johan Dehollander, Dirk Pauwels, William Phlips, Arne Sierens and many others. With their unsettling humor they were one of the first international successes of the Flemish performing arts. Their transverse poetics is more relevant than ever. Or, as De Volder’s favorite tagline said, "Art is mud”. 

With testimonies by Eric De Volder, Michiel Hendryckx, Dirk Pauwels, Johan Dehollander, Cecilia De Mulder and William Phlips, and essays by Evelien Claeye Dirk Pauwels, Evelien Jonckheere, Thomas Crombez, Charles Vanhaesebrouck and Evelyne Coussens. Edited by Thomas Crombez.

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